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RV Resort
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We’re in this together
Our Resort, located in the quaint, fishing/artsy village of Matlacha, Florida right on Matlacha Pass, is the perfect place to enjoy fishing or boating from our large dock, launch your Kayak, walk to Shops and Resturants, or just RELAX under a swaying palm tree and watch the Bottlenose Dolphin play.

Being a family-owned and operated business, we're able to offer our guests that personal touch you've been looking for.  Our goal is to make all of our guests happy.

At Sugar Sand Beach RV Resort we really care about the people we meet and we'd love to share our Unique island atmosphere with you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Guests Comments:

Sugar Sand Beach RV Resort takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our guests.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our guests:

Date of Visit: Oct 15 - Nov 15 2011Weather: Awesome! To us it was perfect, low 80's and partly cloudy/sunny 90 percent of the time.  

Our Favorite Adventures: We loved exploring the beaches in the area. Another neat perk was the ability to wake up to a local fresh fish market and grill it up. We love fish and unfortunately live up North, so fresh caught fish is a real luxury. Fishing off the dock was super relaxing and peaceful. The owner and his brother happened to spot me fishing and the next day took me out on his boat. It's been years since I have fished from a boat and it was awesome!
​                                                                      Victor, Pattie & Mya

​Date of Visit: Feb 12-March 12 2012 Weather: Perfect! Highs in the mid 80s, very little rain. Everyday has been perfect for exploring the Beaches & Islands!

We love Sugar Sand Beach RV Resort, it is quiet, laid back and all our neighbors are great! We will definately come back to this little piece of paradise in Matlacha!!
​                                                                        Charlene & Bobby

​Date of Visit:Feb 20 2012 Weather: Just perfect, the heat feels wonderful, bit of rain, mostly blue skies!

Feel lucky to have found this place! Have enjoyed ourselves so much- great break from our Minnesota winter!
                                                                        Joyce & Randy

Date of Visit: Dec 27-March 18 2012 Weather: Beautiful clear skies, temps 70s & 80s, cool breeze off the water.

This is the closest place to paradise I have ever seen. Everyone is helpful & friendly & treat each other like a big family. The lots are spacious and you never feel crowded. We plan to come down earlier next year and stay longer!
                                                                       Gary & MaryAnn

Date of Visit:Feb-March 2012 Weather: Super- nice breezes coming from the water. Will miss everyone but will only be back in NJ 3-4 months of the year. We found Paradise!                                          Leigh & Bill

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